First Morning Of 2013-2014 Season #fromthestand

20131006 102359 First Morning Of 2013 2014 Season #fromthestand

This is my first morning in the stand here in Kentucky. I have low expectations but I’m enjoying the peace and quiet. I’m sitting in a stand I set earlier this year that I plan on being a gun hunting stand. I’m using this morning to observe and see what I can see. We have had little rain as of late and I’m about 70 yard from a primary water source surrounded by oaks which are dropping pretty heavily right now. So there is a good possibility a deer could come by this morning.

20131006 102509 First Morning Of 2013 2014 Season #fromthestand

Of course as every good Huntographer would I have my camera ready to go if anything shows up. No matter what I’m blessed to be here and I will have a smile on my face deer or no deer:)

20131006 1028521 First Morning Of 2013 2014 Season #fromthestand

When A Good Shot Goes Bad

20130921 090415 When A Good Shot Goes Bad

How many times have you had that moment when the buck commits, he’s coming right into your wheelhouse, you draw back your bow and make the perfect shot right behind the shoulder, or was it? This is when a good shot goes bad.

Recently we had that experience; even caught the whole thing on camera only things didn’t turn out the way we would have hoped. Even experienced hunters who have been there and done that have hunting scenarios that play out differently each time and even the best of us make mistakes. All we can do is look back and try to learn from those mistakes so that next time we will be better prepared.

Here’s the video
If you can’t tell from the footage the shot went high into the shoulder and we never found this deer. Even after searching for several days.

Things We Did Wrong

  • Late Start

Unfortunately the best laid plans sometimes go airy and on this day the battery on my truck died delaying our hunt and we scrambled to get into the blind with only a couple of hours to hunt.

  • Perpetration
  1. We didn’t range anything
  2. We didn’t clear the weeds from our shooting lanes.
  3. We didn’t practice with the broadheads.


  • Low Expectations

We were having a casual afternoon we really didn’t expect anything to happen. Little did we know our first afternoon this buck would come right to us. Keep your mind sharp and know it can happen at anytime.


  • The Shooters Story

My buddy Richard is a great bow shot. I’ve watched him stack arrows at 50 yards, so this was a chip shot at 20-25 yards. Unfortunately he had some things hindering him on this afternoon.IMG 3334 1024x753 When A Good Shot Goes Bad

  1.  He had been diagnosed with pink eye, just that day, and the sun was right in our face.
  2. He didn’t take his glasses off , (he never shoots with them on)
  3. He was shooting a Muzzy when he always shoots Rage. He had read how you aren’t supposed to shoot the Rage through the mesh so he had changed at the last-minute. Even though I’ve watched him smoke turkeys through the mesh no problem.
  • My Take

Do I think any of these things made him miss? No, but  I do think all of these variables together played a part in an imperfect shot which resulted in minimal blood trail and a wounded deer that may never be found.

  • Moving Forward

It’s pretty amazing that all our time and hard work over the months leading up to this hunt could be spoiled by just inches but that’s reality and we as bow hunters must accept that, and hope that next time in the moment of truth we can make our one shot count.

New Gear for Turkey Season!

As I get ready for turkey season I’m excited to try out some new products.

6872103 strutting male wild turkey displaying in the spring mating season New Gear for Turkey Season!

If your like me pictures like this get your blood pumpin!

I can’t wait to see it live and in person come April!


The first product I can’t wait to try out is my new call!

Bills2FacedLoudmouthWalnut300 New Gear for Turkey Season!

From: Bill’s Custom Turkey Calls

I’m making better sound with Bill’s calls then I have ever made and I’ve been hunting turkeys for 20 years!

The Two Faced Loadmouth!

Bill’s most popular call, the Two Faced Loudmouth, is very versatile in that it will produce as much or as little volume as you want. Because of it’s wide range, this call is a must-have item in your hunting arsenal. If you need another reason to purchase the Two Faced Loudmouth, this is the call that Brad Kooiman of Xtreme Dream Outdoors used to win the 2009 and 2010 Campbell Outdoor Turkey Challenge! This call is available in beech or walnut and comes with both hickory and carbon strikers for use in both dry and wet weather.

The Second product is the Timber Ridge Choke Tube.

FBBB1682 CD06 48DB 8DB3 BE8E48A8A812 693 000000EEF25B7C93 zpsfa3ed4bd New Gear for Turkey Season!



 From: Timber Ridge

 This is the highest quaility choke tube I have ever seen and I can’t wait to hammer a  big tom with it!



100% made in America, and these days that means a lot!






 What’s your favorite turkey hunting gear?

 I’d like to hear about it, I’m always looking for an edge to out smart those old wiley toms.

Indianapolis Deer,Turkey and Waterfowl Expo

20130215 112554 Indianapolis Deer,Turkey and Waterfowl Expo

I’m on my way to the Indianapolis Deer, turkey and waterfowl expo.

20130215 115841 Indianapolis Deer,Turkey and Waterfowl Expo

Going to meet up with my good friend Bill Keith from Bill’s custom turkey calls. He makes some great turkey calls and I look forward to showing them off this weekend. Come out and see us if you get a chance, booth #460.

20130215 120243 Indianapolis Deer,Turkey and Waterfowl Expo
How many of you have ever done something new and had that feeling of nervous energy? You know that feeling that you get before a big game or maybe before your wedding day? That’s kind of how I’m feeling right now. I’ve done this a couple times and I know that everything is going to turn out great because I am going to meet a bunch of people who are just like me. Hunters, fisherman and people who enjoy the great outdoors. People who grew up shooting a BB gun, 22’s and eventually a deer rifle. Those are my kind of people.
If you have never stepped out of your comfort zone and put yourself out there, I urge you to do so. Take action on your dreams and stop letting life pass you bye. A year ago I was just a guy with a passion for hunting, living a normal life working a nine to five. Now I am making strides towards living my dreams and all it took was action!
I’ll be blogging, tweeting, facebooking, and I’d love for you to follow along on my journey.

20130215 121007 Indianapolis Deer,Turkey and Waterfowl Expo

Catching up!

My Kentucky buck

Sometimes we get busy with some things in life and we let other things slide. It may be the honey-do list, work, family time, church, or in this case my Kentucky Huntography blog and probably a couple more of those things I listed. Anyways I’m going to try to sum up the last few months in one blog. Kind of my season in a nutshell.

20130201 075517 Catching up!
I spent lots of time in the stand filming and hunting.

20130201 130646 Catching up!
I took a nice doe but almost lost a camera man in the process. That’s a story for another blog.

20130201 130838 Catching up!
My buddy and fellow Frenzy pro staffer took an awesome 170 class buck with his bow. It’s 170 believe me he’s a big boy and makes it look smaller than it is.

20130201 131136 Catching up!
The first weekend of gun season I had another close buddy kill a buck of a lifetime.

20130201 131559 Catching up!
Later I went with him and had it scored 181 2/8.

The same day that he killed that buck I filmed my nephew killing his second buck ever on our family farm.

20130201 131821 Catching up!

Then a few weeks later I took a nice buck and self filmed it as well.

20130201 131940 Catching up!

Then it was off to Ohio where I helped a buddy take his best buck ever on a deer drive.
20130201 134343 Catching up!

I finished off the season with a trip to the ATA show where I met so many amazing people. That’s also another topic for many more blogs.
20130201 132344 Catching up!

20130201 132413 Catching up!

20130201 132609 Catching up!20130201 132636 Catching up!

What an amazing season with so many memories!

If you want to see more of the pictures of my season check out my Facebook page…. Frenzy Outdoors

Waiting For Daylight

Waiting for daylight, small noises all around me. Is it a big buck?

20121021 073146 Waiting For Daylight
The spooky sound of the Hoot Owl Eco through the woods. Waiting…waiting…

20121021 073530 Waiting For Daylight
The autumn leaves glow as daylight begins to show itself. So many mornings I’ve experienced the woods coming to life before my eyes. Each one is just as spectacular as the last.

20121021 080347 Waiting For Daylight

Now fully lit, I am in awe of my beautiful surroundings. I feel like a part of nature as the leaves fall like snowflakes gently to the ground.
If your not a hunter you might be missing out on more than you could ever imagine. For I have only scratched the tip of the iceberg with this description of a few minutes of one morning in the deer woods.

From The Stand

20121020 101512 From The Stand

It’s so amazing the things you can do from the stand these days. I took these pictures with my new IPhone 5 and posted them to Instagram,Facebook,Twitter,and Google+. All while taking in the sights and sounds of the great outdoors. I love technology and the ability to share my experiences with others. If I really get lucky this morning a big buck will show up. If not I’ve enjoyed my hunt either way and hopefully through my posts a few others have as well.

20121020 094410 From The Stand

20121020 094424 From The Stand

Bucks are Getting Started

I had a great weekend hunting and scouting. The bucks here in Kentucky are starting to rub trees and make scrapes.

20121001 134831 Bucks are Getting Started

20121001 134854 Bucks are Getting Started

20121001 143303 Bucks are Getting Started
I take my camera on every hunt even though it’s a lot of work. I’m a huntographer and it’s only a matter of time till a nice buck makes a mistake and comes to close to my setup. When he does, I’ll be ready!

Deer Candy

The acorns are raining down here in Kentucky.

20120921 111755 Deer Candy
Everyone knows that acorns are a whitetails favorite food. With so many hitting the ground right now it’s not hard to figure out where they will be spending most of their time.
I know I’ll be sitting in an oak flat this weekend how about you?

Big Bluegrass Bucks

Bow season started September first here in Kentucky. It was hot but that didn’t keep the bow hunters from taking down some awesome animals.

20120911 092531 Big Bluegrass Bucks
CSS Archer,Joe Lacefield’s long bow kill.

20120911 093355 Big Bluegrass Bucks

Muhlenberg county, Thad Cartwright a UK student killed on family farm. Buckmasters already wanting it.

20120911 095125 Big Bluegrass Bucks
Knox county, Alvin Hubbard took this buck a 30 pointer!

20120911 095647 Big Bluegrass Bucks
The Pros even got in on the action, this is Stan Potts with his second opening weekend buck in the last two years.

20120911 095909 Big Bluegrass Bucks
Stan’s buck from last year, his first velvet buck ever. It scored a whopping 197 4/8.

20120911 100629 Big Bluegrass Bucks
That’s right T-Bone too.

Kentucky is becoming a big buck mecca. Last year we entered 66 Boone and Crocket bucks into the record books, the most of any state in 2011. From the looks of it we are off to a good start again in 2012. Follow my blog and check out my FACEBOOK for more Big Buck news and photos.