An avid hunter since an early age, Neil Kendall has always exhibited a passion for the outdoors. He grew up in the woods and streams of Central Kentucky hunting, fishing and enjoying the world outside. The thrill of tagging his first deer at age 14 only fed the frenzy and his life quickly became seasonal in nature.

Whether it be a bow or a rifle, a turkey or a big buck; Neil has more than just a drive to hunt, he truly appreciates all of God’s creation. Frosty November mornings and lively spring sunrises fuel his obsession for all that nature has to offer.

Neil currently lives in Richmond, Kentucky with his wife Megan and daughter Morgan. He works a regular 9 to 5 job but dreams of leaving a bigger mark on the world. After a bountiful 2011 season including his largest buck ever, Neil realized how lucky he is to have had the opportunity to grow up outdoors. This life-long passion inspired him to found FrenzyOutdoors; a company he hopes will allow himself and others to share their knowledge and love of the outdoors through social media, youth programs and every day experiences.

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4 Responses to Managing Editor

  1. Always great to find another CT outdoor Blogger.  Good luck Drew and stop by my blog at to enjoy some hunting posts

  2.  @jimevansct Hi Jim! Nice meeting you virtually as well. Maybe one day you and Drew can connect locally. That would be cool.

  3.  @jimevansct Hey Jim, how would you like to setup a date to film one of your hunts this season? @huntography Check out my latest post:

  4. I’ve been working on my site, check it out guys.

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